TurkishWIN Talks

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Shelley Diamond:Challenge or Opportunity18:51

Shelley Diamond is a Worldwide Managing Partner of Young & Rubicam. She shares her story of rising up in the career ladder with tips for newcomers. 

This talk was recorded by Isılay Yanbas.

Ayşegül İldeniz: Challenge or Opportunity19:26

Ayşegul İldeniz is Vice President of the New Devices Group and General Manager of Strategy and Business Development at Intel Corporation. As an aspiring journalist after college, her career took eventful turns. Watch this talk to find out why you should continue to invest in yourself intellectually, play on your strengths and more!

This talk was recorded by Isilay Yanbas.

Elif Key: Challenge or Opportunity07:56

Elif Key is a journalist. She reflects on challenges and opportunities in collecting stories of hope and pain in Turkey or as a journalist in New York.

This talk is in Turkish and was recorded by Isilay Yanbas.

Burcu Güleç: Inflection Points11:08

Burcu Güleç is a musician and educator. Her positive attitude and courage to run towards her fears propel her forward.

Filiz Garip: Inflection Points17:26

Filiz Garip is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Harvard University. Filiz shares with us her story of choices, challenges and inflection points that led her to an academic career at Harvard University.

Nur Kılıç: Inflection Points06:56

Nur Kılıç is the owner of Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline. Nur followed her childhood passion for food and chocolate. After a short break to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer in power systems in General Electric Japan, she plunged into a career as a chocolatier in Boston 25 years ago. Her passion lured the legendary retired candy maker William Federer, taking Nur as his protégé to sing, teach and make chocolate.

Denise Fletcher: "Changing It Up"23:42

Denise Fletcher is CEO of Orienta-Royal, a company that makes investments, mostly in real estate. Denise, shares with us her trailblazing story and how she keeps on breaking the glass ceiling over and over. 


This talk is recorded by Isilay Yanbas.

Gamze Ateş: "Changing It Up"19:58

Gamze Ateş is a change master wearing different hats: an entrepreneur, a professional, a mother and a dreamer. Listen to her story to learn how she mastered her transitions.

This talk is recorded by Işılay Yanbaş.

Aslı Karahan Ay : Policy Matters34:46

Aslı Karahan-Ay is the Managing Partner of US Policy Metrics. She shares with us how economic policies impact not only our everyday lives but the lives of our grandchildren, how western political systems interact with the economic and financial decisions of governments, individuals and institutions, what is at stake, what are the choices, and most importantly, why we should all deeply care.

Joy E. Stocke: A Love Affair with Turkey34:56

Joy E. Stocke shares with us her memoirs which will soon be published, "Anatolian Days & Nights: A Love Affair with Turkey, Land of Dervishes, Goddesses and Saints," co-written with Angie Brenner.

Lexy Funk: Live.Work.Create.23:38

Lexy Funk's motto is "Live.Work.Create."- the act of planning ideas, concepts and creative thought into retail. Watch this talk to find out how Brooklyn Industries brings "Live.Work.Create." to life.

R. Müge Yüzüak: Intercultural Learning and The Journey of Making of a Global Citizen24:57

R. Müge Yüzüak is an international business executive. She walks us through Dr. Milton Bennett's framework of six development stages in intercultural sensitivity and shares her stories about reaching that state. Müge invites us to think about the importance of intercultural sensitivity to reach peace in our connected world.
This talk was recorded by Ayhan Vostina.

Idil Cakim: Expand Your Brand with Social Media and Connect to  Millions19:00 min

Online media and word of mouth marketing expert Idil Cakim introduces us to best practices and a method for building our online profile beyond a Facebook page, meeting online influencers and making meaningful connections. 
This talk was recorded by Isilay Yanbas.

Elmira Bayrasli: Turks: Nomads or entrepreneurs?20:00 min

Elmira Bayrasli is a story teller, Turk and a nomad. She is currently writing her book, “Steve Jobs Lives in Pakistan,” to tell the story of the rising tide of global entrepreneurship.

This talk was recorded by Isilay Yanbas.

Defne Ayas: Goddesses may take us to the very heart of what it is to be a woman29:03 min

Defne Ayas shares with us the connections between the goddess culture and our contemporary lived experience and what it is that we share with our ancestors. The talk promises to be a visual compendium from a variety of contexts, encompassing both Eastern and Western references, with a special focus on Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, and draws upon art, mythology, and spirituality.

This talk was recorded by Isilay Yanbas.