TurkishWIN Talks

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Gulsum Azeri: Passion and Purpose19:22

Gulsum Azeri, currently the CEO and board member of OMV Petrol Ofisi A.S., explains how as a young chemical and industrial engineer, she reinvented herself and embraced the challenges that confronted her, while finding her way to senior executive positions at some of Turkey's leading businesses, during times of social, economic and political transformation.

Ergem Şenyuva Tohumcu: Passion and Purpose13:28

Ergem Şenyuva Tohumcu shares with us how her passion about sustainability and the environment developed into yesilist.com, Turkey’s first online “green directory” and sustainability platform.

Peri Ataman Holden: Passion and Purpose17:37

Peri Ataman Holden's passion about girls' education led her to found Payda Öğrencilerle Birlikte, whose volunteers are personally mentoring teenage girls in their endeavor to access higher education  -- an enterprise not only rewarding at a personal level, but also transformative at a societal level.

Gülnar Hasnain: Passion and Purpose16:53

Gülnar Hasnain, passionate about changing the world, explains how she dove into the brave new world of Bitcoin with her current enterprise, CoinSummit.