Welcome to the Turkish Women's International Network

The Turkish Women's International Network is a vibrant and global networking platform for women with family, cultural or professional ties to Turkey. Our members aspire to excel in their careers, inspire others and unleash the power of the TurkishWIN network.


We offer four platforms for inspiration, empowerment and continued networking: events, mentoring program, online interactions and TurkishWIN special initiatives.

Our shared values are generosity, transparency and curiosity. Would you like to join?


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Upcoming Events

What Happens in Cannes, Does Not Stay in Cannes!

Sep 07, 2016
18:00 - 20:00
, Istanbul

Meet us to get inspired by Cannes’s learnings from the biggest creativity festival in the World, Cannes Lions in 2016. This session is filled with game changing learnings for all brands that want to exist and flourish in the new world of endless options and opportunities. To save your spot, please follow; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/what-happens-in-cannes-does-not-stay-in-cannes-tickets-27120912379

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TurkishWIN Learning Circle "Another Institution is Possible"

Sep 28, 2016
18:15 - 20:15
, Istanbul

Join TurkishWIN learning circle with Derya Açar Ergüç, Director of Communication and Administration at the Istanbul-based cultural institution SALT as we tour SALT's "One and the Many" exhibition together. Derya will speak about story of SALT, as well as the role of culture and art in the process of social improvement and lead us on a tour of "One and the Many" exhibition. Please save your spot; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/turkishwin-learning-circle-another-institution-is-possible-tickets-25968356052

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TurkishWIN Membership Drive: Welcome to New Members & Friends

Oct 26, 2016
18:00 - 20:00
, İstanbul

We will host a membership drive event on Wednesday, October 26th! Come and join us! Please join us to learn about TurkishWIN or refer a friend to join the sisterhood.To save your spot please follow TurkishWIN Eventbrite page.

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