We offer four platforms for inspiration, empowerment and continued networking at the TurkishWIN.  




Our events are held in Istanbul New York. Plans to launch new chapters around the world are in progress. Please contact us if would like lead a local chapter. You can access the list of our past events here.


Mentoring Program


We have launched the TurkishWIN mentoring program to promote personal and professional development through sharing a unique experience with another successful woman within the network.


We invite you to join the program as a mentor, mentee or both, to learn from the experiences and views of another amazing woman.  


The mentoring program is offered to TurkishWIN members only. You can join TurkishWIN online.


Online Community 


We invite TurkishWIN members and friends to follow us online at FB and Twitter.  Visit our blog to find out what we are working on.   


We offer a closed Linkedin group to  TurkishWIN members.    




We are working on exciting initiatives.  In 2011, we have initiated the introduction and connection of MAYA, the microcredit subsidiary of the Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (FSWW),  to become the first local partner of in Turkey. For the announcement, click here.


After we finalize a particular initiative's outline, we will invite you to participate and  work with other TurkishWINners.  These initiatives help connect the dots between women in the Diaspora and Turkey with specific goals and deliverables.  


Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.