Why Join 

Our annual membership fees are:

Academic/Non-profit: $100
Regular: $200
Angel: $1000
Corporate: $5,000**
CampusWIN: Complimentary membership for leaders of tomorrow. To learn more, please visit the program website.  

Starting in February 2015, annual membership fees will increase to $200 for regular members. All founder members will be grandfathered at the founder member rates listed above
** Corporate members enjoy sponsorship opportunities and benefit from group enrollment.

The membership benefits include: 
  • Access to a network of women from different ages, professions and geographies who are committed to inspiring and empowering each other 
  • Networking opportunities at events and online 
  • Participation to the mentoring program
  • Free attendance to TurkishWIN events to stay inspired  
  • A sisterhood who cheers for you with our motto "If I did it, so can you!" 
Please note that five percent of your membership fees will sponsor the TurkishWIN Scholarship Fund for college girls in Turkey. 

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